Thursday, April 17, 2014

Student Stories

Hey Fans,

Recently I visited Audelia Creek Elementary and promised to post some of the best student stories I read on my blog. Here they are!

Ashley...come here..." said a low mysterious voice. "Where is that noise coming from?!" I asked myself. It all began when I was searching in my jungle of clothes and toys. It had gotten quiet and peaceful until my started barking for about 5 minutes. "Ugh!" "Hush Reyna" She got me very irritated, so I peeked over and find my dog barking straight to the blank white wall. "Ruff! Ruff!" At first I thought she was just messing with my mind instead of being scared I gave her a funny face like she was not out of her mind. A few seconds had past I heard a quiet noise I thought it was my tablet, so I slowly walk up to it, but I realize I was wrong. I felt someone right behind me I quickly turn over ...nobody goosebumps crawling on my arms like 1,000littel ants stepping all over me. Suddenly I heard an unknown voice whispering in my ear. I could feel the warm breath saying my name slow. I got creeped out because my parents were outside and I was the only one inside, but I still asked anyway if they had said my name and they shook their head. "this was my imagination I told myself, so I got back to what I was doing. A few moments later passed another voice caught my attention whispered, "Ashley...come here" I turned my head slowly and saw...a tall black and white man, with a long hat was staring down at me. I screamed at the top of my lungs "AHHHH!!!" As soon as he left I was shocked about what just happened. That day still haunts me until this day and that terrifying day is permanent in my head.

My name is Ariel. I can get scared over many things, a lot, but I was not prepared for what was going to happen on that day or night! I was happily going to bed and had nothing scary to think of. Once I got in bed I tried to fall asleep, but then I heard it.Someone or something was whispering my name! "Ariel" the thing-a-ma-bobber said. I was as scared as a wild bunny about to be eaten by a wolf. That poor bunny. I'm going to name him fluffy the bunny! Oh wait, I'm fluffy the bunny! Anyway I started to freeze of fear for while, but then after that "while" was over I felt it was safe to move. This was also a good experience because who gets to say that some weird mysterious ghost called your name? I just hope it never happens again! That was the scariest day or night or, whatever! Of my life! You've got to be careful what you do, because it could cot you your life! Get it? It could cost you your life savings!?

Ma Ryah

"Screech" Scratch" "Screech" Thats the sound the chalk made as it turned into a big smiley face on my apartment wall. On one beautiful sun shiny day in 2011. I was strolling around with my friend *Ashley. We were babbling and creating tiny butterflies on the sidewalk. Suddenly I looked up and saw a huge smiley face with two black eyes and a supper happy mouth. Quick as a flash I picked up my chalk box and zoomed to my house. All of a sudden there's a knock at my door. Surprise, surprise it's Ashley. My mom comes to the door and asks what's wrong. The bum Ashley snitches on me. I'm sent to my room and I'm grounded. I learned that you shouldn't draw on apartment walls.

*Friends name has been changed

Happy Reading!

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